Footcontrol PPLid- 8L

Brand: Ozone Homz
Product Code: OHZ-BN-PDFP- LR8L
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Rs. 1,750

Product Description:

Innovatively designed, here is a high quality and premium dustbin from the house of Ozone. Made from stainless steel, this one is high in quality and absolutely durable. It features a brushed fingerprint proof, space efficient and slim design, noiseless open and close lid function, removable and odourless plastic inner bin and small back handle. It also has tough durable all steel pedal. This one is definitely the perfect pick for any home. 

Product Features:

  • Brushed fingerprint proof.
  • Tough durable, all steel pedal.
  • Space-efficient, silm elegant design. Ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Noiseless open and close function of lid.
  • With removable odour proof plastic inner bin.
  • Available in 8 Litre, 12 Litre and 30 Litre.



Material : Stainless Steel
Material Grade : 430
Colour : Silver & Black
Capacity : 8 Ltr
Dimensions (L X B X H) : 17.98 X 32.99 X 32.99 cm
7.08 X 12.99 X 12.99 inches
Weight : 3.37 kg

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