Cleenol Lift Peach Orchard Air Freshener - 750 ml

Brand: Cleenol
Product Code: Peach Orchard Air Freshener
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Banishes lingering smells such as tobacco smoke and stale air.Removes most unpleasant smells encountered such as tobacco smoke and stale air, leaving the room with a fresh clean floral odour. Ideal for the sanitizing of telephones.

Technical Details

Leaves a subtle peach fragrance after every use.  
Contains a biocide to remove airborne bacteria.


Ready to Use

Surfaces Where to Use:

Carpeted Floors

Surfaces Where Not to Use:

Can be safely used in all areas apart from kitchens and food preparation areas or where floors are uncarpeted

Application Method

Use product as supplied and spray upwards around the room.
Close doors and windows before use.

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