Cleenol Envirological Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser - 500 ml

Brand: Cleenol
Product Code: Envirological Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser
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  • A highly effective non-perfumed cleaner with a powerful sanitizing action.  
  • Safe for use in food preparation areas.
  • Cleans and sanitizes all hard surfaces including stainless steel, microwaves fridges, freezers, canopies and chopping boards

Technical Details:

  • Manufactured from vegetable derived surfactants. 
  • Has a low impact on the environment. 

Dilution :

Ready to Use

Surfaces Where to Use:

Stainless steel, Microwaves, Fridges, Freezers, Canopies and Chopping Boards.

Application Method:

  • Open nozzle on spray head and spray product onto damp clean cloth or paper wipe.
  • Apply to surface to be cleaned, paying attention to edges and sides of surfaces.
  • Rinse cloth in clean water or use a fresh paper wipe.
  • Re-apply product to cloth or paper wipe and repeat above method to fully sanitize the surface.
  • Dry thoroughly with paper wipe or allow to air dry.
  • For stubborn stains, spray product on affected area and leave to soak, then wipe clean.



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