Cleenol Cleenzyme Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser - 500 ml

Brand: Cleenol
Product Code: Urinal cleaner and Deodoriser
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An enzyme product which dispels urine odours from surfaces, e.g. floors, grouting, wall tiles and urinals. Prevents the build-up of uric acid scale.  
Ideal for use in and around urinal bowls, channel urinals and surrounding walls and floors. 

Technical Details

An innovative, non-toxic, biodegradable combination of biological and chemical components designed to control odours and troublesome uric scale deposits in and around urinals. A highly effective blend of naturally occurring microbes and biodegradable surfactants. The microbes degrade the organic matter that smell-producing bacteria grow on. In addition, they convert the uric acid into soluble compounds, preventing build up of insoluble organic deposits. The effects of the product are most apparent in low flush systems.Leaves a refreshing vanilla fragrance.


Ready to Use

Application Method

No dilution is necessary. Apply product with a trigger spray, liberally covering the surface to be cleaned and directing three final squirts into the drainhole. Leave for 30 minutes and then rinse area with clean water. Repeat for stubborn stains and agitate with a brush if necessary.Used daily, the product will maintain, clean and keep urinals free from odour and scale.Extremely cost-effective as there is no need to use disinfectant blocks or bleach. At no time must any bleaches or biocidal products be used in conjunction with this product.

Surfaces Where to Use:

In and around urinal bowls, channel urinals and surrounding walls and floors.  


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