Clean Bold Power Eraser Pad - 2 Pads

Brand: Nano Magic World Pvt Ltd
Product Code: Clean Bold Power Eraser Pad - 2 Pads
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CleanBoldTM Power Eraser is an innovative and revolutionary cleaning pad that penetrates surface grooves where dirt and grime get trapped. It easily and thoroughly breaks up tough dirt, lifting it away from surfaces without the usage of any cleaning agent. It works like magic and cleans the surface AS CLEAN AS NEW using WATER only. 

  • Removes set-in dirt, oil, stain marks on kitchen stoves, chimney, counter tops, stainless sinks, white goods appliances such as refrigerators, microwave and others
  • Cleans scuff marks and dirt from walls, wall paper, marble floors & tiles and doors
  • Crayon / whiteboard markers/ pencil marks on walls, sunmica furniture tops
  • Electric appliances & peripherals such as computer, printer, AC grills, ceiling fans, switch plates, telephone instruments, remote control etc
  • Breaks up tough bathroom soap scum on bath tub, mirrors, shower curtains & tiles
  • Cleans ground-in dirt on plastic furniture
  • Car interiors, exteriors, PU / Rexene seats, dash board, hub caps and alloy wheels
  • Athletic PU shoes, leather uppers and much more!

How to use:

  • Wet the cleaning pad with water, then press out excess water (do not squeeze or wring)
  • Gently rub the surface with cleaning pad to remove tough dirt and grime
  • Wash the cleaning pad with water, see all the dirt flowing away, its ready to use again
  • Toss away the cleaning pad once its size reduces to the extent that it cannot be used further

Note :

  • The cleaning pad can be cut according to the required surface area
  • Apply pressure for hard to remove stubborn grime or stain marks
  • Use of warm water is recommended for greasy/oily areas

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