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Permanon Dry Wash is a new pH neutral water-based product specifically formulated for waterless cleaning.  Permanon Dry Wash is an extremely innovative and economical cleaning and protection solution especially in environmentally restrictive situations, hot climates with little water and complicated water logistics, or difficult to reach wash basins. Permanon Dry Wash works without rinsing, i.e. after applying Permanon Dry Cleaner no more water is used. It is easy to use; simply mist onto the surface with a compression sprayer or HVLP gun and wipe down with a dry cloth.

Using Permanon Dry Wash ensures a long lasting and extreme resistance to solvents and other aggressive contaminants; providing material protection and eliminates the need for waste water treatment.

Permanon Dry Wash is Versatile both in application method and it can be used on most all materials such as metals, painted surfaces, plastics, rubber, chrome and many other surfaces.

Permanon Dry Wash is an ecologically safe product with many superlative benefits. The concentrated cleaners reduces the cleaning effort, it is pH neutral, water based, contains no silanes or VOC’s, and when used regularly, it reduces the costs of maintenance and cleaning.


·        90+% reduction in water use

·        Allows automation

·        Cost reduction and time savings

·        Corrosion protection

·        High level of protection against UV rays by reducing:

o   Sun related color fade   

o   Oxidization

Application Method:

Spray mist a 5% (1:20) solution on the surface to be protected, do not allow surface to dry. Using a dry non-linting cloth (microfiber, etc) remove the excess cleaner. Change cleaning cloths when they become soiled.  No reaction time required and the product need not be rubbed on or polished. This simple 1-step application is faster and requires less equipment than what is required for competitor products. Permanon Dry Wash cleans and protects leaving a glossy long lasting finish.. With regular use follow-up maintenance/cleaning will be simplified by up to 80%. 

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