Sutter Professional Stura Presto - 1 Ltr.

Brand: Sutter Professional
Product Code: Sutter Stura Presto - 1 Ltr.
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Powerful and quick action on clogged drains. It eliminates drains stopping and prevents bad odours without damaging piping.


Ready to use

Surfaces where to use:

Domestic waste (kitchen and bathroom sinks, drains of bathtubs and showers) 

Application method:

To open the bottle: simultaneously press and rotate the top of the cap.
To clear the channel: pour half the contents of the bottle (500 ml) in the channel, even if there is water inside. Leave for at least 10 minutes (for best results leave for overnight). Rinse with hot water.
In order to eliminate bad odors: ¼ pour the contents of the bottle (250 ml) in the channel once a week.
Weekly Maintenance: Pour a quarter of a bottle (250 ml) maintain at par discharges and prevent traffic jams and bad smells.

Technical details:

pH > 13.0        

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