Cleenol British Nova Novacare - 5 liters

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A premium quality floor maintainer containing a complex range of waxes to clean, protect and polish in one operation. Leaves a long lasting antistatic hard finish which dissipates static charge and maintains static dissipative properties.

For use as a mopping fluid on vinyl, vinyl asbestos, linoleum, thermoplastic, sealed wood, sealed cork, terrazzo and marble floors, etc. Also for use for spray-cleaning.

'NOVACARE' is a mopping fluid with a protective residue. Even the least skilled operator can restore the floor's appearance without leaving streak marks. 'NOVACARE' dries to a pleasing finish without machine buffing. However, if burnished, the flexible residue will respond to give good recovery and a superb gloss.

Application Method

Initial Treatment

For best results, old emulsion polishes should be removed. If the floor is already treated, immediately proceed to maintain with 'NOVACARE':

1. Sweep, dust-mop or vacuum away loose dirt and litter.
2. Either a) For Mopping: At first use 400ml of 'NOVACARE' per 5 litres of COLD water. Later this can be reduced to 200ml per 5 litres. Damp wipe, frequently washing out the mop in the solution. If desired, the floor may be burnished after it has dried.
or b) For Spray Cleaning: Use 400ml of 'NOVACARE' diluted with 5 litres of water. Thinly spray a fine mist onto dirty areas only. With a fine synthetic spray-cleaning pad under a floor machine, buff the area clean and dry - to a fine finish.
For Use in Scrubber Driers

Use rate : dilute 2% in warm water. Add to the detergent tank.

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